• Quality

    Precious wood and hand-made manufacturing: love for our job
    Arca uses mainly precious walnut and cherry wood for its furniture, which express fully the natural nobleness of wood. The production is realized with processing according to the best artisan tradition, with very clear signs in every inner and exterior elements of each piece of furniture. The polishing is manually realized with methods and materials of the ancient tradition of the classic furniture, and so with the use of aniline and vegetable loams, of shellac, and of no toxic paint, of pure bee-wax.
    Kitchens and Furniture by ARCA: collections where the present meets the past
    The art, through its many expressions, is the instrument through which the historical memory of the past has come down to us with its load of experience and beauty. Our corporate philosophy's starting from here, from specific references to the historical values of the most important styles of the Italian and European past, bringing a great classic elegance in the design and proportions. All our collections of classics and mobile kitchens are very articulate and complete in all chapters of classic furniture for the home, for the study, for the kitchen, the room and wardrobe that allows to design a house tailor-fit to the life of today, in the image and likeness of who is living.
    THE ARCA brand: kitchens and furniture "SIGNED ARCA", the guarantee of quality and safety
    On every kitchen and on every furniture is engraved with a hot iron our signature "ARCA - Made in Italy". All our furniture carry this mark, stamped with a fire or brass plate, and this guarantees the originality and quality against counterfeits in the market.