• Custom projects

    ARCA’s production range includes many collections of furniture, furnishing composition and kitchens that can be customized on measure in order to match any Client request. Kitchens, wardrobes, doors, bathroom vanities, boiserie, wooden panelling, libraries, desks and furniture for bedroom, dining-room and living-room. The personalization of the project is one of the most important factors in the realization of each room in the house. Following the different features and needs of the Client, the Architect needs to have the possibility to make a project characterized by the use of custom furnishing. Design means above all understand and make possible the stylistic and functional wishes of the Client. Arches, columns, carved decorations, classic details and golden leaf decors are the signs of the classicism and richness of Arca collections. Symmetry, elegance and balance, must be able to live harmoniously within the project.